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Rare Unseen Pictures from Second World War: Part 3

This is how the Nazi propaganda machine saw America


A nurse from the American Army in France after the Normandy landings


John Heartfield ( June 19, 1891 - April 26, 1968) is the anglicised name of the German photomontage artist Helmut Herzfeld, who ruthlessly satirised Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

In 1918 Heartfield joined the Berlin Dada Club and the German Communist Party. He was dismissed from the military film service on account of his support for a strike following the assassination of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. With George Grosz he was then to found Die Pleite , a satirical magazine.

He met Bertolt Brecht in 1924. Brecht was to have a profound effect on his artistic and intellectual development. Heartfield became progressively more engaged in photomontage as a form of political and artistic representation in the following years.

In 1933 following the Nazi Party's rise to power, Heartfield fled to Czechoslovakia. In 1938, fearing an invasion of Czechoslovakia, Heartfield fled to England

His photo montages satirising Adolf Hitler and the Nazis often used Nazi symbols such as the swastika to subtly undermine the Nazis' propaganda messages.

He returned to Berlin in 1954.

More of Heartfield's work

This was during the Battle for Berlin. The Russian soldier drags the lifeless German.

In the dying days of Nazi Germany in 1945 as the Russians were coming close to Berlin. Old men and boys were enlisted in the Volkssturm to defend the capital. The old man (probably a veteran of WW1) is taught how to handle the panzerfaust (anti-tank gun)


When it was all over. When last gun fell silent in Berlin. 1945

Same time. Near the German Reichstag.

One wonders if the picture is genuine. If it is, then Hitler's Extermination squads in Russia were inhuman.

The effect of the war on children. A German boy plays with guns.

German plane moments before it crashed

Hitler's Extermination squad in action in Russia

Tit for tat. This is what the Russians did to a German corporal

This is what the men from Wehrmacht thought of the Western Front. The Russians shared the opinion.

The Nazis disapproved of Germans from having a relationship with people of 'lower' races. This German woman is being punished publicly.

These Fraulein are getting military training

Currency in Nazi Germany

A classroom in Nazi Germany.

Russians helping themselves with parts of German tanks. This was after the war ended

The three major figures from the Nazi regime that remained alive (besides Goering); Albert Speer, Jodl and Doenitz

A screaming Stuka dive bomber goes for the kill


Boys from the Volkssturm. They were to stop the Russians from coming into Berlin

Some old men from the Volkssturm. The Hitler regime turned to them in the dying moments of the war.



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ferdinand hegemur said...

Funny n' CooL,,,

Blue Dragon said...

Eisenhower murdered those men, there will be retributions needing paying.

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