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Hitler's Bad Girls: Some Other Notorious Women Nazis

Hitler's Nazism is considered wrong on many counts (but there many today, who in private, admire it); the most evident fact is that Nazi Germany churned German society and brought to the fore some of the most nasty and mentally sick people the world has ever seen. Not only men, but it had many vicious women too. Below are described some of the very bad girls of Hitler's Third Reich.


Irma Grese was a simple lass who whose occupation was a dairy helper before joining the Nazi female youth organization. She was the youngest female SS Nazi guard to be executed for war crimes. She was despised for her cruel treatment towards prisoners. Concentration camp survivors gave her the nickname “Beautiful Beast”. Armed with pistol and whip made of cellophane, she struts around in her heavy boots look for myriads of ways to torture and killprisoners. One witness account states that Grese unleashes her savage half starved dogs upon the prisoners. At times, she would beat or whipped an inmate repeatedly to her death. One of her tasks included selecting prisoners to be sent to gas chambers. She was a notorious sadist who took great pleasures inflicting pain on prisoners. Concentration camp survivors testified that Irma Grese enjoyed indulging acts of fornication with both prisoners and Nazi personnels alike.


Irma Ilse Ida Grese, twenty-one year old concentration camp guard, after initial training at Ravensbrück, served at Auschwitz and later at Belsen where she was arrested by the British. Condemned to death at the Belsen Trial, held at No.30 Lindenstrasse, Lüneberg, she was hanged at Hameln Goal on Friday the 13th of December, 1945, by the British executioner, Albert Perrepoint. As she stood composed on the gallows, she spoke one last word as the white hood was pulled down over her head, 'Schnell' (Quick) she whispered. Once when home on a short leave from Auschwitz, she was beaten and turned out of the house by her father for proudly wearing her SS uniform. A cruel sadist, she was said to have had love affairs with Dr.Josef Mengele and the Belsen camp commandant, Josef Kramer.

The inmates dubbed Grese, the youngest guard at the camp and a striking blue-eyed blonde, the "Beautiful Beast." At her trial it was testified that she set dogs loose on bound prisoners, chose who would go to the gas chamber, beat prisoners with every tool she had including a whip, and ordered the skinning of three inmates. Found in her barracks hut were the skins that she had had made into lamp shades. She and also became something of a sexual fanatic, taking several brief lovers including the camp commandant and the infamous physician Josef Mengele. At her trial it was implied that she seemed to derive sexual pleasure from acts of sadism.

She plead not guilty and used the defense that she was just following orders. She testified that she regarded the inmates of the concentration camps as subhuman rubbish and saw nothing wrong in her wartime actions. After a fifty three day trial she was convicted of crimes committed at both Auschwitz and Belsen and sentenced to death by hanging.


Called the "Bitch of Buchenwald' she was married to SS-Standartenführer Karl Koch, the camp commandant of Sachsenhausen and later of Buchenwald. Sentenced to life imprisonment the sentence was reduced to four years. On her release she was re-arrested in 1949 and tried by a German court, this time again sentenced to life. On September 1, 1967, when she was sixty one years old, she committed suicide by hanging herself in her cell in Aichach Prison in Bavaria. Her son, Uwe, born in prison in 1947, received her last letter, in it she wrote "I cannot do otherwise. Death is the only deliverance". Was she repenting?

One of the most cruel and most despised Female Nazi personnel, known as the infamous collector of Jewish inmates tattooed skin which was made into lampshade and handbag. Before joining the SS Nazi, she used to work as accounting clerk. Her rise to power was mainly attributed to her husband Karl Otto Koch who held a position of a commandant. As a wife of a commandant,Ilse Koch was bestowed with privileges and power to torture and abuse the inmates as she desires. Her husband Karl was credited for awakening her bloodthirsty side. Bored with the usual sadistic treatment towards prisoners, Ilse began to seek other thrills in form of sexual abuse. She had forced the inmates to rape each other as well as hit the prisoner’s private parts. Perhaps one of her notable crimes was that she scouts around the camp looking forprisoners with interesting tattoos. She then had inmates of interest killed in order for them to be skinned and be made into lampshades and handbag as part of her grisly collection. Allegedly, Ilse Koch proudly showed off her handbag made of human skin like a trophy.

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John said...

Bad, bad girls to be sure. To me however, Ilse Koch has always stood out as the most reprehensible of the lot. Lucky for her, someone who thinks like me wasn't in charge of the the American contingent that arrested her in 1945. Otherwise, she would have been delivered to her jailer with two layers of skin freshly peeled off of her backside by a doubled over army belt.

Unknown said...

It sad that the myth about the lampshade is still being seriously used just as is the soap bar one "known as the infamous collector of Jewish inmates tattooed skin which was made into lampshade and handbag."
I mean, if there is so much evidence on record, than why make some up?

Vanya said...

Hopefully they are forever being tortured dantes inferno style cos they where rotten to the core no humanity no soul quite uglydont know where they got the beutifull?!
jhon you sound like u love sadistic woman you a sub by chance u sound it?

Unknown said...

Brandon, these are not myths, bars of soap are on display in one of the camp museums to this day, only human decency stops the hand bags/lamp shades wallets etc being displayed.
My uncle was at Belsen when it was liberated and he actually saw partially skinned victims, he had nothing to gain by saying this. He suffered for years with the trauma of being there.

Anonymous said...

She was not born in Schlüchtern!

Unknown said...

German good german nazi bad bad bad not good.

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