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American Anti-Racist "There Are No Master Races" Comics

World War II was not only a clash of states, but also a clash of ideologies. Nazi Germany announced the superiority of the "Aryan race" (of course, in the first place were the Germans) over all other races and nations. The Soviet Union opposed the ideology of internationalism and the equality of all peoples. In the United States in those years there was discrimination against blacks, but some publishers considered it their duty to lead an anti-racist campaign . 

Publisher George Hecht was a humanist, and promoted his thinking in the magazine "Real comics" (True Comics). In particular, he used his comics to promote anti-racism, which was to resist propaganda  of superiority of the "Aryan race", promoted by the Nazis. In September and October 1944 True Comics released a comic "There Are No Master Races", where an attempt was made ​​to explain why all races are equal. We invite you to read this comic.

A good article on True Comics can be found at VCU Libraries. More True Comics can be read at The Digital Comics Museum.

Meanwhile enjoy the "There are no master races" comics!

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Anonymous said...

That comic you posted: THERE ARE NO MASTER RACES violates the very basic beliefs of Obama America. Here in this divided communist-controlled, one-party state, every day we see black faces broadcast by every means possible, and black males with white females, also shown constatnly in virtually every means of advertisement. You fools. Those media messages are saying...Blacks are superior to whites and everybody else, they dominate our culture, they are the strongest, toughest, bravest, and most deserving of welfare state handouts, affirmative action and quotas.Its a form of APARTHEID that is a BLOT on History, if you understand that only blacks are allowed to maintain segregated organizations in the USA, the only race that has several weeks and months officially dedicated to praise of blacks, annually in America. Blacks get away with murder by labeling whoever criticizes them as Racxists! The same special, "protected" category of racism is reserved also for Moslems, communists, homosexuals and democrats (communists).
You are responding to communist pressure to label yopur photos with lies about these preferred races in America, just because you show PHOTOS of white Germans who are hated most virulently. So you have folded to their pressure. COWARDS!

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous user who posted before me: you are disgusting and foul if you believe every word you wrote. While I do respect others' opinions, I think it is childish and narrow minded for you to think this way. Blacks ARE NOT a superior race, this group of people happened to have been pulled up, in recent decades, from a rather oppressive state. The fact that you see more Blacks in higher position is NOT a sign that they are taking over, as you have implied. It is not a sign that they are better than the White, Asian, or Hispanic man in America today. The fact that you read America this way says something about YOU and no one else.

Anonymous said...

Masrer races or not, it is quite obvious that the European nations (generally) and some of the Asian nations have been and are the most advanced in terms of laws, civil liberties, economics, industry, and science, this statement represents the facts in a majority sense just as the fact that places like Central America and Africa are typically poor, oppressed areas of the world, the causes of the ongoing problems of these third world (non white) parts of the world can be debated and blame can be placed but one only need to visit one of these places and for better or worse majority tends to rule and the concept of critical mass exists, thus if a place is majority ignorant, poor, etc. then that is not evidence of at least a "master race", it is evidence of a race or society primarily inhabited by backwards thinking idiots.

Anonymous said...

To the ignorant racist-communist-wigger who posted the impudent post in answer to the anonymous post about black cultural domination in America. The sneaky little weasel condemned the in-depth listing of black cultural domination, that I was not aware of until I researched it, in America by dismissing it with reference to only one aspect of black special treatment and entitlements in America. Here are three more of hundreds of racial preferences shown to blacks that have greatly eroded America's economy: (1) because blacks always show up as inferior in ALL intelligence tests, IQ tests have been outlawed in african-america. (2) because blacks have continued to fail 99% of their courses in colleges for the past 40 years, the federal government pays a fee, to each college and university, of $400 to curve the grade of every african "student" from F to "C", every semester. (3) The federal government also pays bounties of $4,000 a head, for each black who is hired by any company in America. Those companies who are most notorious for terrible service (insurance companies such as Humana that serve the medical needs of Medicare receivers) hire almost exclusively blacks/africans at salaries equal to that received by CEOs of non black small businesses. Since I have done my research I can provide hundreds of such verifiable examples which cost US taxpayers billions of dollars a year, for NEGROES and recent immigrants,that money is wasted. because most of the blacks and immigrants are unproductive and cannot be fired. Its the same in the federal government. But there are so many cowards in the USA, that none dare call a spade a spade. This is not for you commie bastards that are not swayed by facts because you are biased, murderous fanatics. It is for all the stupid people among you who have ignored the facts because you are too lazy or too cowardly.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes in Jewish-American propaganda is as bad as those who believe in Nazi propaganda.

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