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Some Rare Images of the German Army on the Eastern Front: WW2

After the extermination of the once mighty German Army in Russia, any sensible man/woman should have understood the futility of war. War solves nothing.

But unfortunately nations have not really understood this. Otherwise there would not have been the Israel-Palestine issue, the Vietnam War or even the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Armoured train in combat: A German armoured train with guns trained on the enemy, Russia February 5th 1942

Tank cemetery! The remains of Russian tanks collected by the Germans. The two tanks in the foreground have a curious construction on top, seemingly from a rocket launcher or so.

Germans crossing a Russian river in June 1941

Knocked out KV 2 near Ostrow 1941

Some minor accident on the way to Minsk

The infamous Russian mud! Germans are stuck! 1942.

Eastern Karelia 1941: destroyed Russian artillery tractors and BA-6 armored car. Image made by German war correspondent PK Krumme on 25-09-1941.

A destroyed T-35 in July 1941

These men are moving towards Moscow

A German train full of equipment. 1943.

The Russian rain. Then the slush!

The Germans are moving towards Stalingrad. 24th Panzer Division on the road to Stalingrad

German column advancing near Charkow : an armoured German column with tanks and motorcycles near Charkow May 20th 1942.

A German armoured column in the cornfields, July 20th 1942. Visible are a Panzer II and several Panzer III's

German soldiers training on how to destroy tanks in close combat. Nice image of an early Stug.III. The image was taken on May 12th 1942, but the Stug still appears to have it's winter camo and it looks like there is still snow on the ground.

Stalingrad in view: A German officer observes the outskirts of Stalingrad (too faint to be visible on the scan, but visible on the original albeit barely). Just a 100 yards from him are several destroyed Russian T34 tanks

German gun on a train: Taken in the South of Russia on January 6th 1944

Moving up front: A German MG team moving forward through the trenches to take up a new fighting position.. Just behind them two abandoned KV 1 tanks. Image taken December 15th 1942


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A Lousy Journalist?
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- Ludek Pachmann, Czech Chess-Grand Master and publicist, forty years after the fact.

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