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Assorted Pictures From The Second World War: Part 2

An American anti-aircraft unit alert for approaching German planes

An American soldier with a flame-thrower in action

A Caucasian soldier from the Soviet Army now a German POW. These guys were tough!


In the book "WAR THE LETTERS" the head of California's Eurasian Center, Alan Fogelquist points this out:

"The Caucasus is the black hole of the world. The people that come from this hole are the most fierce warriors, and a threat to the enemy. They get pleasure from burning homes, raping women, killing innocents. Violence against the enemy gives them a special pleasure. And these letters of Caucasian warriors truly paint a grim picture."

The closest assistant of former British prime minister John Major, David Shannon, says in his memoirs:

"Terrible is the world of man, divided into the rich and the poor, the powerful and weak. It had it's load of terrible malice and mutual hatred, of filth and lucre. And if we add the representatives of the lower race, that come from the Caucasus Mountains, what could be worse than this? Note the volume of the skull of Caucasian men. It is clear evidence of the lack of signs of civilization."

American Ack Ack in action to thwart a Kamikaze airplane

The war is over for these American soldiers

Pilots of the Free French Air Force


On 17 June 1940, five days before the signing of the Franco-German Armistice, the first "exodus" of 10 airmen took flight from Bordeaux-Mérignac to England. Others rallied to General Charles de Gaulle from France and French North Africa during the period of June 1940 to November 1942. A contingent of volunteers from South American countries such as Uruguay, Argentina and Chile was also created, as Free French officials recruited there personally. From a strength of 500 on July 1940, the ranks of the Forces Aériennes Françaises Libres (FAFL) grewn to 900 by 1941, including 200 flyers. A total of 276 of these flyers were stationed in England, and 604 were stationed in overseas theaters of operation. 

Trucks with American troops trundle into the destroyed French town of St Lo in 1944

German soldiers in action with their 37 mm gun

German soldiers in Africa. One of them is just a boy!


German motor-cyclists in France in 1940


German grenadiers in Russia

The tough guy! Russian General Petrov in Odessa, 1941. Things were going very badly for the Russians then.

American anti-aircraft guns manage to shoot down this Japanese Kamikaze plane before it did any damage.


A rare sight! Italian soldiers in action. One wonders why there are so few pictures of Italian soldiers during the Second World war.

POINT TO PONDER: Why do you think it is that Italian soldiers fought so poorly in WW2?

I read that they were poorly trained and that is one reason but Russian soldiers were barely trained or not trained at all and they fought hard. I also have heard that it was because they didn't agree with why they were fighting but their were a lot German soldiers who didn't agree with the war but they still fought hard. So what do you think the reason is?


The backbone of Benito Mussolini: The Black Shirts


Armed squads of Italian Fascists under Benito Mussolini who wore black shirts as part of their uniform. The squads, first organized in 1919, targeted socialists, communists, republicans, and others. Hundreds of people were killed as the squads grew in number. In 1922 Blackshirts from all over Italy participated in the March on Rome. In 1923 the private Blackshirts were officially transformed into a national militia. With Mussolini's fall in 1943, the Blackshirts fell into disgrace.

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The aim of individuals in any society is money and power. Societies that give equal chance to all its members to get them will be the most stable. That is why democracies are more stable than other systems of governance.

China after Deng's reform gave the chance to get rich but power is in the hands of an elite; the Communist Party of China. Membership to the party is at the whims of the local party bosses. This leaves out many people who crave political power dissatisfied and disgruntled. There in lies the roots of instability. The Party suppressed these demands once at Tiananmen in 1989. But force is hardly the way to deal with things like these.

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