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Ruthless Germans In Russia (And Eastern Front): WW2

Much has been said about the brutal Russians during the Second World War. They took no prisoners. They raped all German women in Berlin in 1945.

The pictures below will perhaps explain why the Russians behaved the way they did. There are many more such images on this site. They all show the way Germans behaved in Russia after 1941.

Says a German soldier

"Do you know how we behaved to the civilians? We behaved like devils out of Hell. We left those poor villagers to starve to death, thousands and thousands of them. How can you win a war in this way?

We shoot villagers on the slightest excuse. Just stick them up against a wall. We order the whole village out to watch. It’s a vicious circle. We hate them and they hate us, and on and on it goes, everyone getting more inhuman.

The civilians were all ready to look on us as saviours. They had had years of oppression from the communists. What did we do? Turn into slaves under Hitler.

If the Russians should ever pay back one half of what we have done, you won’t smile or sing again.



These Russian POW were made to dig a hole and they were shot and buried in it.


Brutal atrocities. The Final Solution, besides being barbaric and evil, drained men and resources from the fight in the east. The Wehrmacht and SS' atrocities against Soviet citizens, made for partisan attacks and guerilla warfare in Nazi occupied Russia. Hitler could have made himself as a liberator of those people, freeing them from Stalin (and he did to that, but only for "Aryans" in occupied territory) and they would have contributed much needed manpower and labor to the war effort, instead they realized that Stalin was the lesser of evils and fought the Germans.


The scope of the devastation that occurred in the Soviet Union during World War II is poorly appreciated in the West and indeed hard even to fathom. Germany carried out the invasion with a brutality rarely seen in human history. Twenty million people died in Russia at the hands of the invaders—a total that includes soldiers fighting on the front, Jews who were singled out and murdered in Russian towns, local government officials, and millions of ordinary Russian citizens who were killed with the same calculating methodology. One of Hitler’s specific goals for the invasion was to substantially reduce the overall population of the western Soviet Union to make more room for the Germans whom he intended to move there. The scale of the killing was so great that even some members of the German death squads became overwhelmed by the grotesqueness of their orders.

Source: Sparknotes

One shivers to think what this man must have passed through before he died.

Massacred civilians

Observe how the Germans take it so casually

This man is pleased at seeing the Russian nurse hanging. Perverse. If one may say so. Or is the image a fake?

This SS man is certainly perverted

This image seems harmless in comparision. But the Caucasian soldier looks petrified

Remains of former inmates of Majdanek Camp in Poland


Majdanek was a German Nazi concentration camp on the outskirts of Lublin, Poland, established during German Nazi occupation of Poland. The camp operated from October 1, 1941 until July 22, 1944, when it was captured nearly intact by the advancing Soviet Red Army. Although conceived as a forced labor camp and not as an extermination camp, over 79,000 people died there (59,000 of them Polish Jews) during the 34 months of its operation.

The name 'Majdanek' ("little Majdan") derives from the nearby Majdan Tatarski ("Tatar Maidan") district of Lublin, and was given to the camp in 1941 by the locals, who were aware of its existence. In Nazi documents, and for reasons related to its funding, Majdanek was initially "Prisoner of War Camp of the Waffen-SS in Lublin". It was renamed "Konzentrationslager Lublin" (Concentration Camp Lublin) in February 1943.

Among German Nazi concentration camps, Majdanek was unusual in that it was located near a major city, not hidden away at a remote rural location. It is also notable as the best-preserved concentration camp of the Holocaust - as it was close to the former Soviet border, there was too little time for the Nazis to destroy the evidence before the Red Army arrived.

Transporting Ghetto inmates in a tram to be executed. In Poland.

German prisoners of war carry the body of prisoners of concentration camps "Klooga" (Estonia), shot before the arrival of the Red Army and had not managed to completely burn

Klooga was a Nazi labor subcamp of the Vaivara concentration camp complex established in September 1943 in Harju County, during World War II, in German-occupied Estonia near the northern Estonian village Klooga. The Vaivara camp complex was commanded by German officers (Hans Aumeier, Otto Brennais, and Franz von Bodman) and consisted of some 20 field camps, some of which existed only for short periods.

The Germans burned down this Russian village as it was suspected of harboring partisans

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Anonymous said...

Well, what can you say? It opens up with a very stupid and inaccurate quote by some disturbed ex-soldier, followed by faked or out of context photos.

Smiling german soldier as a nurse hangs... yeah right.

Anonymous said...

While not all Germans were Nazis and while those of the SS, Gestapo, etc were universally known to have committed atrocity - it is criminal to the Russian and Eastern European victims of German atrocity to say that those within the Heer and Waffen SS were oblivious to criminal deeds on the Eastern Front - many themselves were participants, not all - but quite a few. It is furthermore absolutely ridiculous to believe that those within the ranks of Hitler's army had no idea of the killing of Jews and Communist, as this was so widespread - and the later a commonly known directive. Did all participate, no...but I would greatly question the commonly voiced - "we didn't no." I would then question why today, so many feel the need to re-write history at the expense of those who suffered under German occupation. With those pictures proven to be authentic, it's hard to argue the apologist or neo-historian's cause...thank you for this site. -BX3

Anonymous said...

The ss soldier is from Freikorps Danmark. He found the skull in the swamps belonging to a long dead russian soldier. And placed it outside his bunker as you can se on the picture. He survived the war and wrote a book. His name is Balbo.

Please explain why it is pervert to have a skull? Many have that.

Unknown said...

Stalin was not the lesser of two evils, the soviets had treated their own people as less than human since the 1920s, being treated brutally, especially in Ukraine, was nothing new to these people. I don't condone the actions of the Germans (mostly einsatzgruppe) but the commissars they executed were criminals themselves. How dare you single out the Germans for this kind of behavior when the soviets acted just as savagely in the places they occupied, Poland, Ukraine,

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