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Picture Album Of Rare, Striking Images From WW2

The skies of Moscow on  July night in 1941. There is a bombing on by German warplanes. The Russians have sent up flares so that their anti-aircraft batteries can see the enemy planes. The little streaks are the ack-ack fire by the Russians.

 The Battle of Kursk. July 10, 1943. Two Russian soldiers tensed up and ready for action. By their side lies a dead German soldier

 Germans with two Ukrainian policemen. Stalin was unpopular amongst the Ukrainians. The Germans used this sentiment and recruited Ukrainians in the police and the army to fight the Russians. The policemen were used to hunt down those opposed to the German invasion and also partisans.

A German soldier with a MG-34 machine gun

Two SS men with a captured Russian soldier. One of the SS men is carrying a Russian PCA (PPSh-41 (Pistolet Pulemjot Shpagina model of 1941 = Shpagin submachine gun)

American A 20 bombers

American B 26 bombers

Tragedy for the Americans. In this incredible picture one can see one of the B-17 on a bombing mission over Berlin, dropping a bomb by mistake on one of their own planes. The left horizontal stabilizer of the plane was destroyed. The plane crashed onto Berlin as an inferno. All the crew members were killed.

SHAMELESS FRENCH! These images are not from modern day France. They are from the time when France was occupied by the Germans during WW2.THE FRENCH SEEM TO BE ENJOYING LIFE! General deGaulle would have foamed at the mouth seeing them!

The execution of General Anton Dostler in December 1945. He was accused for ordering the execution of fifteen American commandos in 1944

Dostler's lifeless body slumps after the shots rang out....

THE BRUTISH BRITISH.......Maj. Gen. Frederick Kussin (Friedrich Kussin) (1895-1944) was commander of the garrison city of Arnhem. On September 17, 1944 between 16 and 17 hours at the crossroads Osterbeyk-Wolfheze his gray car "Citroen" was shot by British soldiers of May Platoon 3 Parachute Battalion  The general, his driver and orderly were killed on the spot.

Photographer Dennis Smith (Dennis Smith) has clicked this famous picture on the day following the death of Kussin. By this time,  the body of the murdered had been abused. He had been scalped.  In addition, the British soldiers (?) tore off his uniform insignia, awards, and almost all the buttons.

Shaken German soldiers pull off the road after allied planes strafed the German convoy. One of them is still looking towards the sky in apprehension.

June 6, 1944 at 8:05 am, soldiers 3rd Canadian Infantry Division under General Keller (Keller) landed on Juno beach in Normandy. They were not lucky: There was no tank support, artillery preparation almost never hurt the German defenses. German machine guns and gun batteries killed and wounded dozens of Canadian soldiers before the British warship approached the shore and started firing at point-blank, and Canadians, with the support of tanks coming up at 8:30 am were able to capture the German positions.

March of German prisoners held on July 17, 1944, showing the Soviet people, as well as allies, (who did not  believe in the success of the Red Army, about the defeat of German forces in Belarus.) They were paraded on the Garden Ring and the other streets of Moscow. There were about 57 000 German soldiers and officers (including 19 generals), mostly captured in Belarus of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Byelorussian fronts. Behind the columns followed watering machines, symbolically washing away the dirt from the asphalt.

AFTER THE DEFEAT OF POLAND IN 1939. A Polish Railwayman chats with a German and a Russian officer. The German and Russian sit by side as friends. Within two years their countries would go to brutal war with each other....

The victor and the defeated. The blonde warrior and the Untermenschen woman. This Russian soldier listens to the Russian woman in exasperation.

After Poland was defeated in 1939. German soldiers chat up a frightened Polish lady.

The popular myth is that the German arms were much superior to that of the Russians. Shown here is the German light tank PzKpfw I Ausf. B, one of the weakest tanks of the time (bulletproof armor, weaponry 2 MG-34 machine gun caliber 7.92 mm).

Boys will be boys! In France, 1940

Germans take some Russians as POW

DESTRUCTION OF WESEL. During World War II, as a strategic depot, Wesel became a target of Allied bombing. On the 16, 17 and 19 February 1945, the town was attacked with impact and air-burst bombs, which destroyed 97% of the city. The Wehrmacht blew up bridges along the Rhine and Lippe to prevent Allied forces from advancing. The Wehrmacht also destroyed the 1,950m-long railway bridge, the last Rhine bridge remaining in German hands, on 10 March. On 23 March, Wesel came under the fire of over 3,000 guns when it was bombarded anew, in preparation for Operation Plunder. The shelling was assisted by a raid of RAF bombers and a larger raid that night. At 2100 hours on the 23rd, ten individual bombers each dropped a 10,000 kg bomb on Wesel, the heaviest bombs dropped in World War II . Before the town was finally taken by Allied troops, 97% of its structures were destroyed.

The huge German Me 323 taking off. The Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant ("Giant") was a German military transport aircraft of World War II. It was a powered variant of the Me 321 military glider and was the largest land-based transport aircraft of the war. A total of 213 are recorded as having been made, a few being converted from the Me 321.

A Russian machine gun fires into the night

German Stukas scream over the Polish skies. 1939 September.

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