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Rare, Unseen Images From WW2: Part 1

It is very probable that the pictures below have been rarely seen before......

 A young tough SS soldier. These guys were one of the most motivated, almost suicidal fighters of the German Third Reich

 German artillery man set up their gun

Germans cautiously peep round a corner in Kharkov in Russia

The massive German 203mm railway gun. The shell went up 40 miles into the sky before it fell back onto its target

 A motorcycle with a caterpillar traction to beat the mud created by the Russian rains

 Italians in Russia. The truck is towing a 37mm gun

 Germans face the harsh Russian winter

US fighter planes prepare to land on the aircraft carrier Hornet

 A German army hearse

 German paratroopers in Italy
 German army engineers repair a panzer on the field

 Russian troops move on the streets of Vienna. 1945



Russian tanks trundle on the street of a German town. 1945

 German POW captured on D-Day held in a fenced enclosure on the beach

 Heinrich Himmler on a visit to Poland talks with a little Polish boy

 Italian troops on a punitive mission in the Balkans in 1942


The policy of the Italian occupation authorities was wavering and irresolute, and the Italians accomplished little or nothing toward restoring the economy of the areas under their control. Commanders were slow to react to guerrilla forays, and the common soldier hoped for a state of mutual toleration with the population. This reluctance to act firmly, after their poor showing in the 194~41 campaigns, earned the Italians the disdain of the Greeks and Yugoslavs and encouraged depredations. Harsh and arbitrary reprisals, when action was undertaken, further increased the resentment of the population toward the Italians. Individual punishment was often inflicted without trial, and on many occasions entire villages were burned to discourage disorders. From disdain, the attitude of the Greeks and Yugoslavs soon changed to one of hatred. 
Source: ibiblio
 Russian soldiers on the move

The scorched earth policy. Germans blow up a railway track in Russia before withdrawing. 1943-44

 German soldiers of the 25th Armored Division rest. Near Dneiper September 1941

 Germans man an anti-aircraft gun

 German bombers on a raid on Stalingrad 1942

 German soldiers with a statue of Lenin in Russia

 A German tank could not make to the other side

 A Russian soldier, almost a boy, poses with two Czech women. Prague. May 1945. Everybody loves a winner!

 SS Totenkopf moves near River Psyol. July 1943.

 General von Kleist poses against the river Dneiper. 1941

The German reconnaissance plane Blom & Voss BV 141

The Blohm & Voss BV 141 was a World War II German tactical reconnaissance aircraft prototype. It is remembered as one of the most asymmetrical aircraft to have ever flown. While actually performing well it never was ordered into full scale production. Contributing factors to that decision were that its preferred engine was in greater demand for the Focke-Wulf 190 fighter, and there was also another tactical reconnaissance in development; the Focke-Wulf Fw 189.

The inscription reads, "Germany will live, even if we must die." That was not to be

American soldiers in high spirits with a Nazi flag

A German stands on guard besides a statue of Stalin in occupied Russia

An Australian guns fires at advancing Japanese tanks. January 1942. Malay

 With deadly effect it seems

Street fight in Bonn. 1944

Russian soldiers wait for approaching German tanks in the city of Tula. 1941

American medium bomber A-20G swings away after bombing a Japanese ship

Ahhhh! Rest!

Germans surrender to British soldiers. Germany?

 Street by street fighting in Berlin. April 1945
A Russian tank trundles on the street of Berlin as bitter fighting rages on.....

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Anonymous said...

Germans surrender to British soldiers. Germany?

No, French, pic out of the Falaise pocket. Village is Trun.

Anonymous said...

a german tank could not make it to the other side

that tank is a russian KV-1 which has been captured by the germans, the bridge probobly collapsed under its weight.

Anonymous said...

The soldiers receiving the Germans are Canadian.

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