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German Soldiers In Russia

 German soldiers in Kharkov. 1942

 German troops in the Ukrainian town of Alexandria
 Alexandria again

 The French did not like it then and they do not like it even today. The fact that many Frenchmen fought in the Wehrmacht. This man is from the French Legion in Russia. 1941.

Incidentally the French soldiers in the German army during WW2 proved to be some of the best fighters in the war. As the Russians closed in on Berlin in April 1945, the last and most tenacious resistance was put up BY FRENCH SOLDIERS IN THE SS

A Frenchman again in the Wehrmacht. Russia 1941

 A French Legion soldier. November 1941. USSR

 More French Legion soldiers

 German soldiers firing at Russians. Summer 1944

 June 1943. Eastern Front

Wehrmacht infantrymen. 1943. Russia

 The man looks very hassled. The Russian rain and the following slush took the goat of most German soldiers
 This pic is from Stalingrad
 Stalingrad again

November 1942. Stalingrad. Things were not very bad then. Hence the smile on his face.

 Early days of Barbarossa. 1941. Germans move into Russia
 Germans talk with a captured Russian soldier
 These men have found Russian girlfriends!

These German soldiers prepare for an attack. Stalingrad. 1942

 Stalingrad again
 Helping an injured comrade

 Summer 1941. Eastern Front

 German soldiers scour a Russian village

Men of the Grossdeutschland Division . Eastern front.


The Großdeutschland Division was a Heer combat unit of the Wehrmacht often portrayed by the Nazi press and media during World War II. For this reason the Großdeutschland was one of best-equipped unit of the German Armed Forces, receiving equipment before all other units.
More on Wikipedia

 December 1941. A German tank trundles through a Russian village near Moscow. The Germans never reached Moscow. Their supply lines were too stretched. The harsh Russian winter struck the ill-prepared German army. And the Russians counter-attacked hard.
 Germans with captured Russian partisans
 Mail from home!
 This German patrol stumbles upon a Soviet partisan camp
A German handles a captured Russian Maxim anti-aircarft gun

This German soldier has his meal

 1941. Eastern Front. German soldiers dig a foxhole


This is near Moscow. 1941. Germans chat with captured Russian soldiers

 Grim fighting in Stalingrad. Autumn 1942

 Having a drink

 Germans fire away at Russians. March 1944
 On the way to Moscow. 638th regiment. 7th Division. French Legion
 Fighting in Narva. 1941
 8.8 cm self propelled artillery unit (SAU) PaK 43/1 Pzkpfw 4
 Pzkpfw 3
 Ready for a Russian assault

 Stalingrad. November 1942
Fighting on street of Zhimotir. Summer 1941

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Anonymous said...

First I'll commend you on your great collection of pics, and agree with the core setiment that German soldiers of WWI and WWII fought bravely, with as much honor and depravity as found in any other participant of that war. The truth is when it comes to war there is no example that I'm aware of (save acient Israel) where pure evil didn't manifest itself in the actions of at least a few. I don't have a problem with you honoring the amazing sacrifice and those who fought with honor under Hitler, likely unaware of what was going on in the concentration camps. Unfortunately, there was a profound cowardice in the officer ranks regarding the subject of killing Hitler. (Excluding the amazing Rommel and said others). While I "get" what your trying to do here, breathing in important yet forgotten context of the war, you seem to come off doing so without merit as you don't seem to fully and clearly acknowledge the evil also committed, rationalizing it even by pointing out the evil of the other entities throughout warfare history. You need to split time or continue to come off as pro-nazi. Your call.

Editors said...

There is no doubt that there is something in the German psyche that churns out great soldiers, whether be it WW1 or WW2. Our emphasis is on that point. It enabled Germany to fight the combined might of America, Russia, France and Britain for six years (WW2).

About the evil nature of Nazi Germany; much has been written about it. We felt it unnecessary to stress on it.

Editors said...

There is no doubt that there is something in the German psyche that churns out great soldiers, whether be it WW1 or WW2. Our emphasis is on that point. It enabled Germany to fight the combined might of America, Russia, France and Britain for six years (WW2).

About the evil nature of Nazi Germany; much has been written about it. We felt it unnecessary to stress on it.

gary said...

Germany prepared for war whilst everyone else dithered and were miles ahead of anyone in preparation in 1939. Britain never had a big army by european standards and had relied on its Navy.For France see the Simpsons. Germany also had a political outlook which many people supported and formed battalions from Ireland to Ukraine's Sonnderkommand. Germany had friends and allies all over Europe,Italy,Croatia,Austria,Romania,Hungary,Slovakia,Japan,Baltic countries and in many of the countries they invaded there were populations of ethnic Germans.The USA didn't appear til 44. Germany never won a battle after 43 and not on it's own.

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